large gate

Maintenance Gate on Athletic Field at the UA in Tucson


small gate

UA gate. 18' wide, 20' high. 1900 lbs., moves with only 12 pounds of force.
Project Architect: Swaim

General Contractor: TBR Construction & Engineering
Gate & MagneGlide Installation: Antech


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Modern Transport System Corp. (MTSC) is pleased to introduce the next step in the evolution of magnetic levitation: the magnetic support technology we have developed and call "MagneGlide®" - practical, useful and currently in service. It requires no energy input for the levitation action; permanent magnets provide the forces necessary for levitation. It is inherently simple, requiring no control system; it automatically adjusts to the load applied to it. With MagneGlide®, all the weight of an object is supported by magnetic forces, making it much easier to move than if it were supported with conventional wheels or rollers.

From the early stages of the industrial revolution until now, the most efficient way to support something being moved has been with metal wheels on metal rails. Modern Transport System Corp's MagneGlide® takes this to the next level of efficiency. Instead of using wheels for support, the MagneGlide® system provides a magnetic support system that is nearly maintenance-free and has minimal running resistance.

With today's changing environment imposing challenging new requirements for designers and builders, MTSC's MagneGlide® offers an exciting opportunity to incorporate a clean, non-polluting and energy-saving technology into our everyday lives.

MagneGlide® is ahead of its time with a highly advanced yet simple approach to support things that move, such as sliding doors, windows, gates and wall panels. MagneGlide® technology consumes zero energy: It incorporates high strength permanent magnets into a rugged reliable system to create the forces to support objects being moved.

MagneGlide® is already helping customers achieve previously unheard of ease of operation with heavy moving objects. Whether big or heavy, or light and small, MagneGlide® offers designers a new and improved way to support moving objects.

The MagneGlide® magnetic support system developed by Modern Transport Systems Corp. provides the opportunity to be on the cutting edge of technology while making a positive contribution to helping the environment. We invite you to look through this website, and Contact Us for more information.

JBarber 2018 4.RockwoodModern Transport Systems Corp. (MTSC) is a Delaware corporation which was formed to advance and commercialize a passive magnetic support (levitation) technology, developed and patented by Modern Transport Systems Corp. founder and President John Barber.

The first expression of that technology in a product targeted for commercialization is a system of passive magnetic support for sliding doors, windows, gates and wall panels, being promoted under the trademark "MagneGlide®". It is the intent of Modern Transport Systems Corp. to provide that technology to manufacturers of those products, on a non-exclusive basis.

John Barber, founder and president of Modern Transport Systems Corp., has an MS in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University. His career includes working with NASA on the Apollo moon landing program, and several decades of planning, designing, implementing and operating rapid transit systems. In the course of this he has had considerable involvement in the development of magnetic levitation technology, and with activities directed towards its implementation. This provided the insight that led him to create and develop the MagneGlide® magnetic support technology.

Other companies that we've work with:

  • Antech Corp., specialty gate and steelwork, University of AZ gate and installation
  • Hydrafab Northwest, skilled metal fabricator, makes all our rails and liftpack frames
  • Swaim Assoc., architect firm experienced in incorporating MagneGlide into facilities, guided integration of MagneGlide into U of AZ gate project
  • SaftiFirst, specialty door manufacturer, fabricated sliding door for Spokane residence
  • Helveticka, a graphics design firm in Spokane, WA, uses MagneGlide to support a sliding display panel in their conference room.

Some of the potential uses for Modern Transport Systems Corp's MagneGlide® support technology include situations where the following considerations exist:

  • Robust nearly maintenance free movement of sliding doors, windows, gates and wall panels
  • Duty cycles characterized by frequent or repetitive use
  • High reliability is necessary, and downtime for maintenance or repair must be minimized
  • Quiet, energy efficient operation is desired
  • Temporary usage, requiring easily assembled guideways with possibility of subsequent removal and relocation

Potential Applications in these categories include:

  • Manufacturers seeking rugged, cutting edge support technology that consumes zero energy
  • Office buildings, commercial sites and private residences
  • Construction site access and excavation spoils removal
  • Surface and subsurface mining
  • Cargo container movement in ports and harbors and other cargo marshalling areas
  • Recreational, entertainment and amusement park sites
  • Logging and forest management
  • Access for personnel and equipment to remote or difficult areas
  • Transit systems
  • Alternative to moving walkways and conveyor belts
  • Military transport of material and personnel
  • Emergency access in disaster areas
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Rail-for-UofAZ-G2-Gate1The MagneGlide® Magnetic Support System is a patented, permanent magnetic based magnetic levitation technology for supporting moving objects, eliminating the need for conventional load-bearing wheels or rollers. MagneGlide® provides the ability to move objects with relative ease - smoothly and quietly - using high-strength permanent magnets mounted in units called "liftpacks," which, in turn, run on specifically shaped steel rails.

No energy is consumed by the lift action, and the system automatically adjusts to variations in the load placed upon it. The entire weight of the moving object is supported by magnetic forces, resulting in a system with very low resistance to motion.

MagneGlide® is a passive magnetic support system: it consumes no energy for its lift, and automatically adjusts to the load applied to it without the need for a complicated control system. It is inherently stable in lift, and is simple and robust.

The MagneGlide® development effort has initially been directed toward architectural/construction applications, with the goal of offering greater flexibility and more options to architects and builders selecting solutions to design issues. With MagneGlide®, the weight of the sliding object need not be a detriment to the ease of operation, and the system can be applied to a number of residential, commercial, and industrial architectural applications - both interior and exterior - including:

  • sliding doors and windows
  • movable panels and dividers
  • entry gates
  • animal and livestock control gates and doors
  • movable protective barriers and screens
  • safety/security panels (for protection against fire, intrusion, extreme weather, and other threats)

MagneGlide® is currently in service. The accompanying photos and video show an application for supporting a large maintenance gate at an athletic field at the University of Arizona in Tucsan, AZ. The gate is 20 feet high, 18 feet wide and weighs in at 1900 pounds. On conventional rollers, the gate required over 70 pounds of force to move. WIth MagneGlide®, the force to move it was on the order of 12 pounds.

Applicable to loads ranging from small and light to large and heavy, MagneGlide® enables even the heaviest objects to be moved with minimal effort, especially when compared to conventional wheels or rollers. MagneGlide® can work equally well in either of two configurations: overhead-mounted (suspended) or bottom-mounted (top-riding). The former typically provides superior protection from dirt and debris. In cases of doors and interior panels and dividers, this can help avoid tracks or other disruptions to floors. And in contrast to conventional sliding doors, there are no load-bearing wheels or rollers to wear out, and no track to collect dirt or gum up.

The ease of movement afforded by the MagneGlide® system may be an especially useful feature in situations where strength and mobility limitations are prevalent, such as health care facilities, elderly residences, and similar sites.

Movable interior panels are often used as room dividers and similar space definition functions. The MagneGlide® system can facilitate their use by making even large panels more easily moved. Sliding gates, doors, and other barriers can likewise benefit from the ease of movement MagneGlide® offers.

MagneGlide® design options are numerous. The liftpacks system can be scaled up or down in lift capacity, according to the requirements of a particular application. Where low resistance to motion is paramount; it can allow for fingertip operation, even with heavy objects. Applied to powered doors, gates, etc., smaller operator units can be considered, with reduced energy consumption compared to conventional mountings. Operation is quiet, trouble-free, with low maintenance. It provides freedom from derailment, immunity from troubles due to clogging or dirt collection, and low vibration. The motion is quiet, smooth and with a luxurious feel.

MagneGlide® technology is versatile and secure. costs and climate severity are projected to increase in the future. These will put additional demands on buildings for efficient protection from the environment. The MagneGlide® magnetic support technology can help to enable innovative and increasingly effective solutions to be developed and put forth to address this need. Modern Transport Systems Corp. works with architects, designers and manufacturers to provide a MagneGlide® magnetic support system tailored to the needs of their clients and customers.

MTSC offers the MagneGlide® system in an overhead mounting configuration, in two basic sizes: large and small. The accompanying photo shows a side by side comparison of the rails. The small rail is 1-1/2" wide, sized to fit on the "2" face of a 2x4, 2x6, 2x whatever, and is 2-3/4" high. This size is suitable for loads up to a couple of hundred pounds. The large rail is 3-1/2" wide and 4-1/8" high, and is suitable for substantially larger loads.

Click any of the images below to see a slideshow and discussion for that application.

sliding doors
Sliding Doors
Solar Screening 


The MagneGlide® magnetic support system developed by Modern Transport Systems Corp. is intended to replace the support and running wheels used in conventional transport and material handling equipment. The system uses high strength permanent magnets to generate a levitation force that supports the moving object. The support principle does not require any energy, nor does it use any complex sensing or control systems. The permanent magnets used in the Modern Transport Systems Corp.'s MagneGlide® system are neodymium-iron-boron, with extremely long lives (measured in decades), extremely high strength and virtually immune to demagnetization.

The MagneGlide® system is a passive form of magnetic levitation; "passive" in that no energy is consumed for the levitation itself, and no control system is required to maintain the stability of its lift. It is inherently stable, and is simple, reliable and rugged.

The magnets are assembled in "liftpacks", which run in the rail; the load being supported attaches to the liftpacks. The magnetic field generated by the liftpacks interact with steel elements in the specially designed rail. This interaction creates the levitation force. The levitation is inherently stable, automatically adjusting over the load range of the liftpack. The liftpacks are steered by horizontal guidewheels. The design of the rail physically constrains the liftpacks, preventing derailment.

Key attributes of the technology include:

  • No load bearing wheels on the moving object
  • No load bearing physical contact between the vehicle and the rail
  • Vehicle load is distributed to the rail over the length of the magnets
  • Rail structure is simple, and easily fabricated and installed
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Minimal running resistance, enhances efficient operation
  • Liftpack is physically constrained to the rail for safety, prevents derailment

The technology is readily scalable, to accommodate the size and weight of the desired payload. The lift capability of the technology is considerable - from a few pounds to a ton or more (it has been used to support a gate weighing nearly a ton). Although the MagneGlide® system is currently offered in an overhead suspension configuration, the technology works equally well in a bottom-supported design.

The Modern Transport System Corp's magnetic support system supports the moving object, it does not provide propulsion. Propulsion can be provided by a number of alternative means, including linear motors, cables and even gravity. In level running, propulsion effort is minimal because of the low running resistance.